Autumn 2011

Cameron Consulting Launch Updated Website & Move Office!
27 October 2011

Roth has worked with Cameron Consulting since its foundation in 2003, initially developing the brand identity alongside the company's first website. This week sees the launch of Cameron Consulting's redesigned website - an opportunity to update the site visually as well as consolidate the site content and provide a solid foundation for future development initiatives.

As if the launch of a new website wasn't enough! Roth would also like to take this opportunity to wish Cameron the very best of luck with the move into their new office in West Malling High Street this week.


Cameron Consulting website

Swan Websites Re-launch Under Banner of Swan Collection
03 October 2011

Roth have been busy at work with the Swan team during the last few weeks completely re-working their online presence and their new website is to launch this week. The project has included the consolidation of their individual venue sites under a single Swan Collection banner, allowing the successful Swan brand room to expand in the future should the right opportunity arise. One of the key design requirements set by the Swan was to inject as much visual drama into the website as possible, allowing them to showcase everything from delicious classic cocktails or Sunday roasts through to lavish events and romantic weddings - the result is a website which is as much vintage picture book as it is a source of information.


Cavendish Marquees website

Chocolate Umbrella Opens its Doors to the Public
01 October 2011

Congratulations to Suzanne and her team for the opening of the Chocolate Umbrella shop in West Malling high street. Roth has been working with Suzanne for some time now as she has developed her business in readiness for the right opportunity to arise for her to open up in the centre of town.

The logo is an eclectic mix of nostalgia, vibrant energy and a slight hint of eccentricity, all topped off by Jimmy (as he's know to friends), back from his global travels to bring customers the very best in sweets, chocolates and ice cream. Everyone in the studio agrees that he has certainly done a great job - wait until you try and Pink Champagne sorbet!

We are currently working with Suzanne on her new website which is due to launch in the next few weeks.

Chocolate Umbrella logo